The 5th Annual Soup Party

For the last 5 year, on the first Saturday of November, my husband and I have hosted a soup party.  What, you ask, is a soup party?  Well, let me tell you all about it.  It is the best way to have a party.  You invite over a bunch of people and tell them to bring soup.  People think this sounds like fun.  There will be lots of different soups.  And the best part is, the host only has to make one soup.  ONE.  And buy some bread and some drinks.  That’s it.  Then everyone else brings food too, there is tons of food and not a lot of clean up.  It’s a grand idea.

This year, we had six different soups.


Marisa made dill pickle soup.  It was delicious. She used a recipe.  Cheater.


Stacey made pasta fagioli.  She is dairy free right now and wanted to make a dairy free soup.  She combined two different recipes and does not write for this blog, so she is not a cheater.


Chris (Stacey’s husband and a regular soup contributor.  They over achieve) made white chicken chili.  He used a recipe, it had some kick and lots of accessories.  I love soup with accessories.


Jackie and Patrick make chicken gnocchi.  They modified a recipe.  It used a lot of cream.  No chicken gnocchi for poor Stacey.


Emily made tomato soup.  Emily never uses a recipe and her soup is always great.  She can never replicate them because she has no idea what she did in the first place, but they are always great.  Emily made her soup vegan so that Stacey could have some.  I was not excited about a soup using vegan cream cheese and sour cream (I don’t want to know what they are made of), but it was fantastic.


Lastly, I made a Mexican soup.  No recipe.  I had leftover meat juice from Skinny Taste’s Barbocoa Beef and leftover pork from Skinny Taste’s Puerto Rican pork roast.  Some onion, some peppers, some beef stock, tomatoes and rice.  We garnished with lime and queso fresco.  I was very happy with how it turned out.

20131102_205403  20131102_205353

And in other soup news, I did make two other soups this month without using recipes.  One was a red and green pepper, summer squash, and rice soup.  I used ground beef from our cow.  It was good.


The other was a potato soup.  This was the best potato soup I have ever made.  Potatoes, chicken stock, onions, hot pepper.  It was simple and flavorful.  I have always been disappointed in the past when I made potato soup;  it was always bland.  Not this soup.  The pepper gave it kick.  I salted the potatoes while they were boiling and I think that really helped with the flavor.  Salt, you are a wonder.  And I sauteed the onion in bacon fat.  Mmm, bacon. A

20131028_175445Turns out, I didn’t take a picture of the final product.  Oh well.

No vegetable soup made, no homemade stock.  Even with these short comings, soup month was a success.

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2 Responses to The 5th Annual Soup Party

  1. Sounds like a great way to do potluck. I would love to be part of one like that.

  2. aBigfan says:

    I love soup!

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