On October 15 I Finally Made a Sandwich

Who goes an entire month and then some without making a single sandwich? Especially when it’s sandwich month? Weeeellllllll, me. I think I may have thrown together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for one of the kid’s lunches, and while I certainly didn’t use a recipe, I don’t think it quite fit the month’s goal. But then I had a sandwich from Roll MKE, one of Milwaukee’s fine food trucks. It was a brisket grilled cheese. I ate it at noon. I didn’t want to waste a single morsel of the sandwich or the delicious fries that came with it, so I ate a lot. I ate so much that I never got around to eating dinner. So when our friends left a container of smoked pork at our house because they couldn’t fit it in their car for their 6 hour trek home (true story) in the middle of October, I decided it was high time to tackle September’s target. Smoked Pork Grilled Cheese Sandwich. I filled the bread with about 1/8 of what my memorable lunch contained, but the sandwiches turned out well nonetheless. Thanks Rinkes!



In the spirit of winging it, I also used up some produce odds and ends to create a great little salad. Corn roasted over the gas stove burners, some of the season’s last tomatoes, oven baked bacon, parsley, and Mark Bittman’s homemade ranch dressing.


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