It’s Soup Month!

For the last four years, I have hosted a Soup Party on the first Saturday of November.   We have a 5 or 6 couples over and every couple brings a soup.  For me, this is the perfect way to entertain.  I only have to prepare one thing and we still end up with a ton of food.  Brilliant.

To prepare for the soup party, we decided to make October soup month.   Before now, I have never even attempted a soup without a recipe.  Instead,  I would scour cookbooks and the interwebs for something new and different to make.  This year, I am going to go sans recipe.

Kate at Simple Bites give a really nice overview on How to Make a Soup from Scratch.  It’s straight forward and goes through the basics you need to build flavor in your soup.

At The Kitchn, they have a focus on How to Make Soup from Almost Any Vegetable.  This looks like a great way to use up vegetables that are left in the fridge and another thing to do when I forget to take some meat out of the freezer.

Lynne Rossetto Kasper at The Splendid Table (LOVE the podcast), takes Basic Soup Improvisation to a different level.   Building flavor, umami, how to perk up a bland soup… The information in this post is so helpful especially with the ideas on how to fix a soup that didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

My goals for October:

1. Do something with the pork neck bones in freezer.

2. Make a vegetable soup.

3. Make a delicious soup for the soup party.

That’s a lot to do in 12 days.  We shall see.

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1 Response to It’s Soup Month!

  1. God damn! I love soup, but a soup party! Good form!

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