Marisa’s 20th of the Month Sourdough Sidetrack: Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls. Well, cinnamon rolls and crepes. On account of because June’s Sourdough Surprises task was crepes and all of a sudden it was well past June 20th, and I’d managed to not carve out 5 minutes to make them, even though I’ve pinned two sourdough crepe recipes over the past several months. One of them was Flowerdough Crepes. So pretty! I even bought pansy plants. And then the pansies sat in the flat to be planted for a long time and shriveled up. So those beauties are going back on the to do list for some other time. The other was quite possibly the easiest recipe utilizing sourdough I’ve come across.  Filled with cherries from a local farmstand and topped with some residual coconut cream discovered in the fridge, and these turned into a perfectly satisfactory weekday breakfast.

20130709_081008 2 20130709_080955 2

Since it’s been almost a year (unacceptably too long) since I made Joy the Baker’s cinnamon rolls from her cookbook (they were outstanding), I decided to stick with straightforward flavors with no embellishments. Just like the recipe I followed, I skipped the raisins because Clara doesn’t love them in her baked goods. The 36 hour process for these bad boys was a feat in and of itself. It wasn’t the length of time that presented a challenge. It was finding a chunk of time with three consecutive 12ish hour intervals that I would be able to attend to my fermentation science experiment. For me, this recipe made a lot more than the 12 1-1.5 inch rolls I read about. I am happy to report that I have two more pans worth in the freezer.


This is the biggest bowl we own, and it’s full. That’s some poofily risen dough. That never happens for me.

Both Clara and Andy asked if there were raisins in the finished product. My hypothesis is that the long fermentation period gave the rolls a sour-hint-of-raisin-sort-of-vibe. I probably should have put them in the fridge for the final rise like I was instructed, but the windows were open, and there was a cool breeze. Cool breeze midsummer is not the same as a refrigerator.

20130713_074922I’m looking forward to reading about the creativity in flavor combinations I’m sure my fellow sourdough bakers lent to their rolls and what Sourdough Surprises has in store next.

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8 Responses to Marisa’s 20th of the Month Sourdough Sidetrack: Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Cherries and coconut – a lovely combination for the crepes.
    My dough for the cinnamon rolls puffed up just like yours in the bowl, but didn’t out well in the oven. Yours look amazing, and I love that rectangular pan!

  2. Kelster says:

    I always wondered about those who only got 12 from that recipe. This recipe makes a ton of dough!

  3. Shelley C says:

    Oh, yay – I am so glad you were able to make the crepes, too!! And I agree about raisins in my cinnamon rolls 🙂 Great job!

  4. Joan says:

    Your buns look lovely! Your dough GREW! I love the flower crepes link too. Thanks!

  5. Wow, those flower crepes are sure pretty! What a neat idea. Your buns look fantastic – nice and big. I agree, this recipe was HUGE – I mixed up the full amount of levain and the next morning when it had COMPLETELY FILLED the bowl, I switched tacks and made only half a batch of buns and used the rest of the levain for bread. I still got 8 giant buns out of a half recipe!

  6. Rebecca says:

    Nice looking cinnamon rolls! Good to have some in the freezer for later.

  7. cookingwithcurls says:

    Wow…that is a lot of dough! They look amazingly delicious 🙂

  8. Robyn says:

    Yum, cherries and coconut sound wonderful together!

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