Lucy, You are So Juicy

My sister lives in Minneapolis, home of the Juicy Lucy.  I have had the pleasure of eating at Matt’s Bar and have experienced the joy of a burger filled with molten hot cheese.  This is what we decided to recreate at Hurling for our first official grilling month adventure.

The Juicy Lucy was fairly easy to create.  The Burger Lab as Serious Eats has some easy to follow instructions and helpful hints.  I was in charge of making the patties for 15 of us.  20 burgers it is.  I have never purchased that much ground beef at one time. (And I have vowed that I will not be making 20 of anything for Hurling for quite awhile.)

I measured out the meat for each burger (about 1/4 lb for the kids, and 1/3 lb for the adults), divided each ball in half to make two patties and flattened them with a frying pan.  I used 1/2 a piece of American cheese for the kids, and a whole piece for the adults.  Fold the cheese up into fourths.  You want it to be contained in the middle of the burger.  Cover it with the other patty and pinch the edges closed.  Minimize leakage at all costs.  We seasoned with salt right before grilling (I forgot the pepper).

We use a gas camping stove at the pitch.  It worked out really well with a flat griddle on the top.

wpid-20130707_110715.jpgThat’s some strange girl grilling our burgers.   Ignore her and just look at the beautiful burgers.

We did have some leakage, and using the grill pan helped keep the grease from causing flare ups.  All the adults and the kids who like cheese burgers all really seemed to enjoy them.

In addition to the burgers, I got really crazy and made dip without a recipe.  It’s not grilling, but any cooking without a recipe is a big deal. 20130707_142249Jalapeno Popper Dip

Cream cheese, sour cream, diced green chilies, pickled jalapenos and cheddar cheese.  Simple and delicious.  Next time I will roast a fresh jalapeno and put that in for some smokey flavor.

My goals for grilling month:

1. Sides

2. The perfect steak

3. Different things with chicken

Good thing I have a vacation coming up.  Lots of time for grilling.

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