Pizza and Hurling and Winterfell

Hurling is the official summer sport around Fade the Prompt land. Our core group of regulars has increased from 6 plus a shoddy tent to 14 spectators/players, 3 tents, and a claim on our land, Winterfell.

We take our culinary consumption seriously at the pitch. Pizza day was no different. Alisa rolled out a bajillion crusts (Important note from Alisa: roll the dough twice. Do it the first time and don’t stress out trying to get it thin. Let it rest for about ten minutes, then roll it again. This was a life changing tip from Marisa.), and the rest of the crew rounded out the build-your-own menu. Toppings included pesto, red sauce, alfredo sauce, fresh mozzarella, shredded cheese, cream cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni, grilled peppers, MORELS!, black olives, and artichokes.

20130623_120218 20130623_121314 20130623_122556 20130623_123213

Crisped everything up on the grill. Used a foil pan over the top to encourage melting. No recipes. Deliciousness abounded. Pizza success.

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