A Fair Amount of Pizzaish Sorts of Things

While my crust types did not vary as much as Alisa’s, with the exception of an unphotographed pudgy pie pizza night, June managed to produce quite an array of toppings on dough combinations, both hot and melty and not.

First up remains my favorite: Smoked Salmon Cracker Bread with Everything Cream Cheese. This dough was fun to work with and yielded many crusts since it is flattened until darn near transparent. I followed the recipe for the crust (lowering the oven temp a bit) and used the smoked salmon/everything cream cheese as inspiration for my own, pretty similar, version.



My go-to dough is generally Mark Bittman’s from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Jack Bishop’s from A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen is utilized from time to time. When I think even a little further ahead, I do like this sourdough version from Breadtopia. There are others on my list to try, especially Nancy Silverton’s. I have put any plans of seeking the most perfect crispy chewy crust permanently on hold since I’m trying to be very kind to my remaining oven and am a bit concerned with the suggestion to heat that sucker up as high as it will go for long periods of time. And by permanently, I mean until someone builds me one of these. Anyway, a mound of one of those workable doughs attempted to make its way from the freezer to the vessel for a chicken caesar pizza. It ended up as an accompaniment to chicken caesar salad. I made it work. It worked. It just wasn’t pizza. And that’s OK. It was a lunch sans recipe.

This lasagna is also not pizza, but may be the crowing glory of June. Leftover fixings from pizza at the pitch day, which warrants its own post, went into this completely improvised lasagna, and it turned out great. I think it was all the Facebook encouragement that made it extra tasty.


To send off June and welcome July, Jill and I celebrated with a cooking night on Saturday. The Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread we made qualifies as pizza in my book. No deviations from the recipe. No apologies. It was intriguing and tasty and foccaciaey. More to come on our grilling adventures in another post.


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