Searing Recap. Oops.

I didn’t sear a thing in May.

I think I understand searing. And how it relates to roasting and sauteing. So, if I have a need to do so in the future, I feel OK about the prospect.

I have been doing some fading the prompt things though. Lots of roasted vegetables as components of or sides to more elaborate meals. Continued sautéing. Legit sauteing at appropriately higher temperatures.

And this. I made Smitten Kitchen’s Pasta with Garlicky Broccoli Rabe. I can’t remember the last time I used broccoli rabe, so I’m not sure if it was my batch or a characteristic of the vegetable in general, but it was bitter. So bitter. So bitter. (homage to Calvin’s summer “Trembler” project). Not wanting the leftovers to perish, I decided to try to fix them for lunch. I thought the creaminess of a poached egg might help temper the bitterness. I also found a site with solutions to fix dishes. They suggested fats and sweets. So, along with my poached egg, I added honey, pistachios, and hemp oil. I wung the egg cooking, and it turned out much more egg-drop-soup than beautifully poached, but at least the yolk stayed in tact. And I transformed some leftovers and feel proudly Tamar Adler about the whole thing.


In addition, hurling season has begun. An impromptu Sunday picnic presented itself, and I managed to squeak out a reciped chocolate cake and an invented coleslaw with things on hand. And look at all those pickles!


Lack of searing aside, this is major progress.

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