When the Moon Hits Your Eye…


I guess I’m a little excited.  But who wouldn’t be; it’s pizza month.  Mmm.  Pizza.  It’s delicious.  To quote my wonderful husband, “Even bad pizza is good pizza”.  Such a wise man.

I did a little research to get some background on pizza.  Dough and tomatoes seem to be the defining characteristics.  While I appreciate that’s what pizza really is, for this month, I am going to use a broader definition.  If it’s flat and you can put stuff on it, I’m going to call it pizza.

Emma at The Kitchn lays out the basic steps for making dough and turning that dough into pizza.

I know the whole goal here at fadetheprompt is to not use recipes. If I make dough this month, I’m using a recipe and it will be okay.  Baked goods are a whole other ball game.

First up for the month:  White Pizza.

20130602_193618I used a Pillsbury crust from the tube.  It worked out just fine.  Jarred roasted garlic alfredo sauce.  I seared some chicken with garlic and herbs.  Then put some spicy greens on the top at the end so they would wilt.

There was one problem.  I really wanted to cook an egg on top.  It takes a really long time for an egg to cook in an oven.  We were getting into crust burning territory.  So I scooped off the egg and fried it in the pan.  Next time, I’ll put the egg on sooner or just cook it separate.

20130602_193841Jamie would have liked more sauce.  I think it needs more garlic.  Overall, we both liked it a lot.

My goals for the month:

1. Use a wide variety of different crust options.  Pita, english muffin, tortilla, etc.   The more options I have the more likely I am to continue in the future.

2. Explore flavor.  I’m pretty excited that I started a little bit out of my box this month and hope to continue on this path.

3. Make dough.

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