May: Let the Searing Begin

I am positive that Alisa is more excited about searing than I am.

It’s May. I am excited by the sorrel sprouting outside of my front door. By the chives that I can see peeking up around the corner of the garage. By the asparagus and rhubarb and spinach and green onions that I anxiously await from Witte’s. And oh my goodness, Barthel’s strawberries and peas are lurking just around the calendar corner.

The good news is that there are tutorials out there for pan searing asparagus. Beyond that, I may have to sear some meat. The Kitchn offers some advice on how to make that happen. It sounds exactly like roasting but on the stove instead of in the oven. Ooh-scallops. I should sear scallops.

I’m mostly looking forward to the side dishes that will accompany the seared stuff. I’ll add steak to my list of goals for the month. Mostly because it’s an agent for chimichurri. And by “my goals,” I might mean that Andy should cook some steak. Because I don’t know that I’ve mentioned that cooking meat is not my favorite.

And these sourdough bagels weren’t seared, but they turned out really really well.


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2 Responses to May: Let the Searing Begin

  1. rcakewalk says:

    You could totally sear those cut bagels with butter on a hot skillet! Years ago, LaCrosse had a great diner called Mr. D’s, and they served enormous muffins…you could request them seared, and they’d cut them in three fat slices and crisp them up on the griddle. So great.

    • I have not been able to get this seared bagel idea out of my head! I can’t wait to make another batch so I can try it. Did that LaCrosse diner also have famous doughnuts?

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