Thank God It’s Over

Ugh.  March was just a chore.   I could not have been less inspired.  I tried to stir fry once, and that’s it.  I just could not make myself care.  So glad it’s done.

I did do some other cooking without a recipe, though.  In order for this whole experiment to really be successful, we need to be able to maintain and generalize our skills.  Roasting and eggs need to stay in my repertoire and practicing these skills seemed like a way better idea than some stupid stir fry.

First I made a beef roast.  I followed the same plan as I did in January and it was amazing once again.  This time I only seasoned with salt and pepper and I did not refer at all to the guidelines.  The meat was more tender than last time; I think I had a different cut of meat.  No idea what it was, but I could not have been happier.  The asparagus was also roasted.  Simple, easy, delicious.

20130317_192401No recipe for the mashed potatoes either.  But I’ll be honest, the gray was from a packet.

And then I had some leftover roast beef and needed a delicious way to use it up.   Hash again.  But hash was the perfect way to practice all my first quarter skills.  Roast beef and roasted potatoes, sauteed onions and green peppers (high heat people), and an over easy egg.  Topped it off with some home made salsa (which I have been making for so long I don’t use the recipe any more) and cheese and we had the perfect dinner.  Well, I thought it was perfect.  Jamie thought it was fine.  He’s not my problem.  I was happy and that is all that matters, right?

20130318_203401Sauteed and Roasted

20130318_211805The Finished Project

April, I’m happy to see you.

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2 Responses to Thank God It’s Over

  1. Matt A says:

    NO!!!! Stir frying without recipes is the best…you just need some Asian, non-prompts, prompts

  2. nlm220 says:

    You can’t get easier than a stir fry. Throw it all in a high pan, add some garlic, fresh ginger, green onions and some hoison sauce and you are done. Your beef and hash look real good. Keep cooking. Love you

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