Marisa’s 20th of the Month Sourdough Sidetrack: Cake

I made two cakes this month: Sourdough Lithuanian Coffee Cake and Applesauce Cake. In deciding which ones to make (Sourdough Surprises “only” posted 42 options on their Monthly Inspiration Pinterest board!), I set a few rules:

1. Fermentation/soaking stage for the sourdough and flour

2. Not too much sugar

3. No chocolate (Calvin gave it up for Lent, and I wanted him to be able to taste the results)

The two cakes I chose, both from Cakewalk (thanks Rebecca!), were ones that had been on my radar for a while. She has the magical ability to take regular ol’ recipes and tinker with them to turn them into fermented, less sugary, sourdoughy goodness. If I had that superpower, I don’t know that I’d ever be able to make a choice of what to bake, since my options would be nearly endless.

The lack of gobs of sugar was unnoticeable in the flavor of the finished products. Both cakes were tasty and more dense than my standard cake fare. I’m not sure if that’s the result of the sourdough, the fermentation, the extra mixing required to really disperse the starter, or the sugar reduction. In any event, I’m looking forward to tossing some starter into more cakes, especially after I read up on what everyone else has made this month!

Lithuanian Sourdough Cake

Applesauce Cake

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5 Responses to Marisa’s 20th of the Month Sourdough Sidetrack: Cake

  1. Marissa, both these cakes look amazing and soo delicious! I bet they were perfect no matter what time of day you ate a piece! Thanks for baking with us again!

  2. Shelley C says:

    Oh wow – great job with both of those cakes!! Rebecca is pretty magical with sourdough cakes, isn’t she? Your results look so delicious.

  3. Mmm, these both sound great. I definitely have to check out the Lithuanian coffee cake!

  4. Kelster says:

    No chocolate for Lent? Hmm. I wonder if I’d be handling that better than i’m handling no cake for Lent. I think not.

  5. Both of your cakes sound fantastic:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

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