March. Sauteing and Stir Frying.

The kids have been asking since the 1st when the stir frying will begin, and I’ve been stalling. I need an anthem. Suggestions welcome.

March’s theme is sautéing and sautéing quickly in an awesome pan (aka stir frying).

How to Saute for Dummies. Four simple steps.

1.  Pan on high heat

2. Oil

3. Food

4. Flip to prevent burning

Based on this description, most of what I do with food over the stove must be steaming. I don’t want my food to burn, and most of the time I’m patient enough for low and slow cooking. We have good pans. I can sauté. My goal is to crank up the heat and get my sautéing times closer to what the recipes (I mean guidelines) suggest.

Although I wouldn’t classify this pot pie as a sautéed dish, it did involve sautéing some vegetables, and it turned out to be one of the most delicious things I’ve eaten in quite a while.

We have a great wok. My aunt ordered it for us all the way from San Francisco a few years ago, and I love it. Andy learned from a photography conference roommate that a lot of oil over very high heat will solve our sticking issues while we wait forever for the wok to slowly develop its patina. This trick has been incredibly helpful, even with the scrambled egg and rice components of fried rice.

Andy and the kids have been cooking my birthday and Mother’s Day dinners over the past couple of years. It’s a delightful tradition that has turned adorably predictable, since the kids are in charge of menu planning. Stir Fry. The dessert is anybody’s guess-I would never have imagined the sugar cookie/strawberry ice cream/mint chocolate chip ice cream combo last month, but it was lovely.

And now it’s my turn to tackle some additional stir frying. The guidelines in How to Cook Without a Book are my go-to. Feel free to insert the same joke from last month or a new one here. Initially, my goal was to memorize the sauce recipe from the book. In the past, I have always gone in some asian direction, but considering our recent overdose soy sauce tasting, I am looking forward to venturing to other flavor combinations. Perfect timing I think, as I listen to Marcus Samuelsson’s Yes Chef.

Hank Shaw posted a master recipe for stir fry that involves “velveting” the meat. I think we definitely have a tougher cut of beef in the freezer, and I’m excited to give it a go.

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