February Just Isn’t Long Enough.

Let’s pretend today is February 30th. There, now my post isn’t late.  Thanks for understanding.

I had really big goals for February.  I did not achieve them all.  But I definitely learned some things.

1 and 2: Quiche and Fritatta.  I can do both without a recipe and will do them again.

3: Poaching.

20130203_105210This is my very first poached egg.  It was amazing.  The Smitten Kitchen gave me the confidence.  And now I can poach multiple eggs at once.  A miracle.

4. Hollandaise.  I’m going to be honest.  My sauce broke both times I made it.  And I do not care.  It was delicious, amazing, out of this world.  And now I can totally tell which restaurants are making the real thing.  Palate improvement, people.  Katherine Martinelli gave very easy to follow instructions and I can make it without a recipe.


Our kitchen is very small and cluttered.  Sorry Mom!

5. Fried.  The most surprising part of egg month for me, has been my new love of a runny yoke.  As a kid, I never liked egg yolks.  My mom would fry up just the whites and I continued that as an adult.  Eating poached eggs reintroduced me to the yolk and it was fantastic with the hollandaise.  So when I worked on my friend eggs, I left in the yolk and tried for runny.  Goal achieved and I loved it.


6. Scrambled.  Once upon a time, I had a friend named Rebecca the Thief.  While she had many unflattering characteristics (mainly being a thief), she could cook like you would not believe.  (Sometimes I still dream about her sugar cookies and her chocolate chip cookies.)   She would make breakfast all the time and her eggs were extraordinarily fluffy and smooth.  She always said she made them the “Martha Stewart way”:  in a small butter coated pot, low heat, a little milk and constant stirring.   I tried to tie this to Martha, to no avail; the description does not match.  So I will just say that I made these eggs the “thief way”. Jamie says eggs this way are the best scrambled eggs he’s every had.


Eat them right away.  Don’t let them dry out because you want to take pictures.

Things I did not do:

Egg salad, stratta, souffle, baked eggs and so much more.

I think February may have to live on.  I’ll keep you posted.

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One Response to February Just Isn’t Long Enough.

  1. nlm220 says:

    I love reading your posts. You never fail to make me laugh. And I have to say your eggs looked pretty good no matter how you made them. Quite impressed that you made your own hollandaise sauce. Love you.

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