Marisa’s Egg Recap

Recap time already?

I certainly didn’t master new techniques in February, but I did have some opportunity to experiment a bit.

First up was quiche. The guidelines Alisa found were perfect. We went with a mediterranean flair: sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, kalamata olives, feta, and mozzarella. Jill came over for a cooking night with the goal of teaching me crust confidence. I was a terrible student-doubting and questioning every step of the way. Thanks for your patience, Jill! The crust turned out delicious. Crisp and flaky and tender. Not a quick meal though. Two people, 3.5 hours. We ate at 8:30, which greatly saddened Calvin who just wanted to try the quiche. Poor guy had to wait until breakfast. At one point during my interrogation of Jill’s every suggestion, Calvin noted “Wow, mommy. You sound really anxious about the crust. You sound like me.” Poor guy. I have no idea where his nervous questioning to escape/delay tasks comes from. Must be Andy. Served with a simple lightly dressed salad that rounded the richness of the quiche out well. We also made King Arthur Flour’s Hand Pies for dessert. That crust was also pretty perfect. I learned that I usually add too much liquid to my crusts. I need to trust that those crumbles will come together and be less afraid of overworking the dough.




Next I made egg salad: another no-recipe egg dish in my repertoire! My dad is a clean out the fridge sort of guy, and while I will likely never recreate the apricot jam and cheese omelettes of my youth, he makes a mean adaptable egg salad: eggs, just enough mayo to moisten, finely chopped crunchy vegetables, a bit of pickle relish for tang, and some sort of salt. And look, I roasted vegetables. That’s good old-fashioned prompt fading right there.


Then I made Eggs Benedict with my most favorite English Muffins, Tyler Florence’s hollandaise that did not break!, and Alton Brown’s poached eggs. As I previously mentioned, I had a bit of trouble with the eggs, but overall, the dish was very edible. I did appreciate that I could poach multiple eggs at a time. Next time I will decrease the cooking time. And there will be a next time.


A snow day this week allowed for one last egg dish: frittata. I used the guideline from How to Cook Without a Book. Insert your own joke here. Easy, and I think I’m ready to attempt the next one without referring to the book. We served it accompanied by King Arthur Flour’s Irish Raisin Bread.


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One Response to Marisa’s Egg Recap

  1. Jill says:

    I thought your crusts were spectacular!

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