Sidetrack. The Tasting Club: Soy Sauce

Maybe it’s not a club. Maybe we just had A tasting and never want to eat soy sauce again (except for Clara who was smart enough to not slurp it straight like the rest of us). Maybe we’ll do it monthly and maybe we won’t.

In The Kitchen Counter Cooking School, Kathleen Flinn suggests honing our tasting skills by hosting tasting events. Specific (delicious) foods, such balsamic vinegar, apples, olive oil, honey, and tea, are outlined in The Tasting Club.

We chose soy sauce. 3-5 types are recommended. We chose 7: a combination of what we had on had and a trip to the market. Maybe not the best selection for an inaugural event. We not only chose 7 types of sauces, but we tried each of them plain, with rice, and with tofu. We each ate 21 spoonfuls of soy sauce.

We chose soy sauce because obviously our tasting club food needed to coincide with the mounds of sushi we were consuming prior to our viewing of Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

The verdict: My palate is incredibly unrefined. Even with a list of suggested adjectives, my only observation is that all soy sauces are incredibly salty. I’ll let Alisa decide whether she wants to disclose the outcome of her tasting. (Comment from Alisa: My palate is incredibly refined and it knows that Roundy’s soy sauce is the best.)



While I don’t know when our next tasting will be, I am confident that it will have nothing to do with durian. Now I know.

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