Marisa’s Roasting Recap

Well, my grand finale dinner, comprised of 4 roasted elements: haddock, potatoes, endive (and pineapple for dessert), did not turn into the beautifully photographable feast that I’d imagined at the beginning of the month. It was rather blonde. But tasty. Except for the endive. I didn’t love that roasted. 



I would say that tasty and reliable were the outcome of roasting month for me. There was a lot of this:


Vegetables on parchment tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper and thrown into a 400ish degree oven until they’re brown and tender. No recipe. Simple. Versatile. Perfunctory.

I dabbled in chicken, fish, vegetables, and fruit. And those chickpeas. Which are still on the counter. Because I don’t really want to eat them, but they’re not moldy, so I don’t really want to throw them away either.

Things I’ve learned:

I like my whole chickens roasted by Andy.

I love the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch app. It is very challenging to find seafood that meets their Best Choice standards at my local Sendik’s. Haddock and Tilapia may not be the best fish to roast. If I’m going to buy Tilapia, I’m going to blacken it and serve it on a bun with juices that run down my arm.

In the future, I will either grill my fruit or continue to eat it raw rather than roast it.

I’m positive that I will continue to roast vegetables without a recipe for a long time to come. Now that I am more confident with the technique, perhaps I will become more creative with sauces and spice sprinkles. But for now, January has been a success. And I just love broccoli.

OK February, it’s egg time.

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