Alisa’s Roasting Round Up

January was a really long month.  Really long.  And I’ll be honest, I did not do as much roasting as I thought I would.  I kind of got a little bit sick of it.  My chicken adventures certainly made for some good stories and the beef I roasted was delicious.  I feel confident in my ability to roast a variety of veggies and I can get a nice crispy potato.  I can do all of these things without a recipe and have added them into my cooking repertoire.

The thing that I am most proud of this month is how we used our leftovers.  My husband and I don’t have any kids, and while we love to eat, even we can’t eat a whole chicken or a whole beef roast, so we had a lot of leftover protein.  I got creative.

With chicken number 1 we made enchiladas and chicken salad, both without recipes.  The enchilada sauce was from a can, but it was still a really good start for us.  Both were delicious and I even added acid to my chicken salad and I think it really improved it.


The beef roast gave us two delicious dinners.  First I made some horseradish mayo and we had beef sandwiches.


Then I got crazy and made some roast beef hash.  I sauted some onions and green pepper, roasted potatoes in the oven and combined that all with the beef.  I was getting excited about egg month and decided to put some eggs on top and bake the whole thing in the oven.  Here is what I learned:   it is really hard to tell when the baked eggs are done.  Good thing it’s February and I can work on it.  We topped it all with cheese and salsa and it was fantastic.  All done without a recipe.  I know I never would have even tried to do any of this free form cooking before.



So all in all, not a bad month.  I will continue to roast without a recipe.  On to the eggs.

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One Response to Alisa’s Roasting Round Up

  1. Sarah says:

    I would love for that roast beef hash to be in my belly. Immediately.

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