This Is How I Procrastinate

I am not surprised that I have done very little roasting since my last post. 

I have spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen. Making all sort of non-roasted things like sauerkraut and hard rolls.Image

And sourdough starter maintenance, vanilla, and creme fraiche.

And hamburger buns.
Oh, I did roast these Sweet and Spicy Butter Roasted Chickpeas, but I didn’t realize they would qualify as roasted until after I put them in the oven. Yes, I recognize now that the recipe name should have given me some sort of indication.
I knew this would happen, and I don’t think it has anything to do with the undercooked chicken. Family favorites like chocolate beet cake, corned buffalo, and buffalo chicken macaroni and cheese happen once a year. If the family really likes something I make, like the White Gull Inn Breakfast Rice Pudding, these cranberries, or salsa picante (so ridiculous that I still refer to the recipe to make this),  I might make it a couple times in a year. If we’re entirely smitten, like with almost all granola or these English Muffins, it might be as often as an unheard of every other month. So to cook something we’ve already eaten? In the same month? This mid-month slump is going to be tough to technique-of-the-month-sans-recipe through.
I know I need to. No prompts will be successfully faded without sufficient training trials. The clock is ticking. 
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