Mexican? Veggies


January 1: First day of the roasting adventure.

My goals for the month:

1. Roast a chicken. Subgoal: be able to figure out which side is the breast without having to look it up.

2. Roast a variety of veggies.  I may even try beets to please my husband.  Maybe this time they will not taste like dirt.  I am doubtful.

3. Use a variety of different flavor profiles for the roasted veggies.

4. Roast some meat.  Umm.  I love meat.

For today, I had already planned to make Arroz Con Pollo (not roasting, so I used a recipe), but wanted a roasted side dish that matched the flavor profile of the main dish. I went with red and green peppers, onions, and zucchini.  A little olive oil, a little bit of Sazon (had 1/2 a packet left from the chicken), some salt and threw it all in a hot oven.  I stirred it up a couple of times while it was cooking and hit it with a little bit of lemon juice before serving (Should I have used lime? Would that have been more true to the flavor profile?  Note to self for next time).

I actually tasted while I cooked and the acid at the end really made a difference.  Acid, you are my new best friend.

First roasting adventure: success.

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2 Responses to Mexican? Veggies

  1. Emily Gille says:

    Balsamic can be great flavor with that acid our taste buds so appreciate. Those veggies sound and look good. So proud of you! Would be happy to conduct a probe…

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