Getting Started

Welcome to fadetheprompt.  We are two girls who love to eat, like to cook and are completely dependent on recipes.  If we can read it, we can make it, but without the recipe we are lost.  So we set a goal.  We are going to master basic culinary techniques, learn how to use flavor profiles and break free of our prompt dependency.

Ground Rules:

1. Each month will have a different focus.

2. We can investigate how to perform a technique, but we cannot use recipes.  A “how to” is not a recipe.

3. Each month we will post a link or cite a reference for the “how to” resource.

4. At the end of the month we will each be able to use the targeted technique with a variety of foods.




March-Sauteeing/Stir Fry









December-Pasta Sauce

On Deck: Frying, Poaching, Slow Cooking, Risotto, Brining

We recognize that some months list ingredients, while all months refer to techniques. Within a specific ingredient, multiple techniques will be targeted (for example, eggs: scrambling, poaching, frittataing, quiching, strataing). We’re being flexible. Be flexible with us. In fact, technique with us too!

With all of the cooking we do, there is no reason that we shouldn’t already be proficient in basic techniques and knowing what flavors go together, but we aren’t. Bring it, 2013.

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